Call for Papers

The 12th Asian Conference in Regional Science

Challenges and Opportunities for Regional Science in the Age of Carbon Neutrality


August 8(Mon) - 9(Tues), 2022 (Aug, 8-9: Conference, Aug, 10: Technical Tour – Canceled)

** Taking into account the COVID-19 circumstances, the conference will be held both virtually and on-site.


Ulsan Exhibition and Convention Center (Ulsan, S. Korea)

*255, Ulsanyeok-ro, Samnam-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsa (


Along with the COVID-19 response, the international community is currently discussing various strategies for achieving carbon neutrality as an effective means of responding to the climate crisis. With the arrival of the new climate system (post 2020), major countries around the world are setting greenhouse gas reduction goals and putting forth all-out efforts to transform the whole society into a carbon-neutral structure. Along with policies to impose carbon costs, such as carbon taxes and emission trading systems, the transition of countries that grew up with high-carbon industries based on fossil fuels to low-carbon industries has been a hot topic not only in the international community but also in Asian countries. The international conference, titled "Challenges and Opportunities for Regional Science in the Age of Carbon Neutrality", is expected to serve as a cornerstone for East Asian countries to understand how the mind-set and value system based on the existing economic and social system faced new changes to deal with the crisis of climate change across places, cities, and regions.


The 12th Asian Conference in Regional Science will cover a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to): Spatial Economics, Economic Geography, Interregional and International Trade, Transportation, Asian Regional and Urban Problems, Regional Development, Location of Economic Activities, Housing, Regional and Urban Planning, Environmental Quality, Local Public Finance, Migration and Demographic Analysis


The conference's official language is English. Abstracts and papers must be written in English and formatted in MS Word. The length of an abstract should not exceed 500 words (not including title, authors, and keywords). Presenters must specify whether they will present virtually or on-site when submitting abstracts. Background, objectives, methodology, and results should all be included in all abstracts, including:

Title: The title should be brief, preferably under 15 words.

Author(s): Author(s) contact information (name, affiliation, email address, and full postal address)

Keywords: List up to five keywords.

Topic: Make a note of the topic that corresponds to the study. Choose one from the options listed above.


Paper Submission Dues: Abstract (April 30th, 2022), Full paper (June 30th, 2022)

Registration Due: Early birds (April 30th, 2022), Regular (After May 1st, 2022)


Offline: Early Bird $150, Student: $80 Regular: $200, Student: $100

Online: Free


Korean Regional Science Association

Regional Science Association of China

Applied Regional Science Conference

Chinese Regional Science Association-Taiwan


Jungyul Sohn (Korean Regional Science Association)

Jincheng Xiao (Regional Science Association of China)

Makoto Okumura (Applied Regional Science Conference)

Jen-Jia Lin (Chinese Regional Science Association-Taiwan)


Co-Chair Person: Jungyul Sohn (Seoul National University), Sugie Lee (Hanyang University)

Local Organizer: Soogwan Doh (University of Ulsan)

Committee Members: In Kwon Park(Seoul National University), Kang-Rae Ma(Chung-Ang University), Seung- Nam Kim (Chung-Ang University), Kyusang Kwon (Chungbuk National University), Young-Long Kim(Gachon University), Saheum Hong(KRIS), Soo Jung Ha(KRIS), Seungkyu Park(KRILA)



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