Global Outreach

The Korea Regional Science Association (KRSA) is denominated the Korea Section of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI). Our current president, Dr. Sang-Dae Lee, is now serving as the RSAI Korea Section Representative.
As one of the PRSCO councillors, Prof. Brian H.S. Kim, a former president of the KRSA, is attending the RSAI committee members meeting. Members of the KRSA are participating in various international events of the RSAI as follows:

Main Events

Annual Meeting
   1. NARSC (North America Regional Science Council)
   2. ERSA (European Regional Science Association)
       * RSAI committee members meetings

Bi-Annual Meeting
   1. World Congress of RSAI
2  . PRSCO (Pacific Regional Science Conference Organization)


Annual Meeting (North America)
   1. WRSA (Western Regional Science Association)
2  . SRSA (Southern Regional Science Association)
   3. MCRSA (Mid-Continent Regional Science Association)

Bi-Annual Meeting
   1. PRSCO Summer Institute